Truth be told, I’m not terribly comfortable tooting my own horn. (Is it hot in here??) Were the option given, I would enthusiastically choose the “prove yourself” approach. But I realize we’re just getting acquainted – in that 21st century, online sort of way – and odds are you don’t have a few weeks to hang out and get to know me.

So, to honor my southern upbringing (“be humble, my child”), yet still provide you with helpful information on my work style and abilities, I open the floor to a few of my esteemed colleagues:

(Hint: You can also find these reviews on my LinkedIn profile page or on the back covers of my two children’s books.)

Universal Weather & Aviation, Inc.

I truly enjoyed working with Nikki, who I consider to be one of the best copywriters I’ve had the pleasure of partnering with! Of course, fantastic copywriting is only part of where her immense value lies – what I came to appreciate most while working with Nikki was her ability to balance awesome creativity with excellent business sensibilities, strategic thinking, and a commitment to team building and strengthening. Regardless of the challenge or deliverable – a corporate capabilities brochure, guiding clients through the creative brief process, technical style guidelines, ad campaigns, brainstorming sessions, or simply being a much needed sounding board – I could always rely on Nikki to take an approach that not only improved the quality of “what” we delivered, but also the quality of “how” we delivered it! Alan Easter, Senior Branding Specialist/Art Director


Nikki brings more to a team than just being a great writer. She also has a thorough understanding of the creative process and what it takes to develop communications that resonate with the target audience. Her working style is collaborative and detail-oriented, and she is highly creative. Nikki is skilled at delivering multiple recommendations, and presenting quality arguments for each. She makes taking the time to listen and get all the details a priority for each project. Her communications skills are excellent, as is her ability to look at things strategically. She was instrumental in helping us evolve our messaging platform, and incorporating the new language into time-sensitive communications and our brand standards. An extremely talented and dedicated professional, I highly recommend Nikki. She will be a great addition to any creative team. Elaine Jansen, Sr. Corporate Communications Manager


Fresh, energetic, adaptive and focused. Nikki has natural talent for listening, thinking, and turning words and data into targeted marketing tools. As a former team member and a creative collaborator, I had a front row seat for Nikki’s transition from new hire copywriter, to trusted advisor in a window of time that seems about equal to (or less than) the time it takes to boil an egg. This was no small accomplishment in this marketing engine of 18 strong personalities, where others like her fail to sell their ideas and vision. Her persistence, energy and talents have impressed me. I am better at what I do because I worked with her. Future hiring decision makers: expect nothing less from Nikki. Ted Skibinski, Manager, Brand Standards and Creative Services


Ogilvy & Mather

Nikki is a special talent; a strategic mind that understands the power that marketing plays in driving business success combined with a creative ability to express ideas and information to people in ways that they genuinely care about. In my experience, she’s a wonderful part of every culture she touches, her business and creative partners value her leadership and thoughtfulness and her clients and constituents value her ability to listen and create solutions. She’s a wonderful communicator and someone who can unify diverse groups of talent across the largest organizations. As Winston Churchill said, “Tact is the ability to tell someone to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip.” Well, Nikki has offered me such a trip many times before and I’ve enjoyed each and every journey. Milan Martin, President, SF at Grey Group


Book reviews: Journey to Pansophigus

I love this story. The heroes take ownership of a serious problem in their community. They accept responsibility for solving the problem. Then they commit to reaching their goal. It’s the way we try to run our city in the real world. If young readers learn these lessons about protecting natural resources and their community, then they will be well on their way to being Houston’s leaders of the future. Bill White, (Former) Mayor, City of Houston


The excitement and adventure of Journey to Pansophigus is an innovative way to entertain young people and, at the same time, educate them about a critical global issue…protecting our natural resources. Creating good water conservation habits today can set the pattern for generations to come. Jon Lindsay, (Former) Harris County Judge


This charming story is not just about preserving and protecting our natural resources and environment, but about taking responsibility, making commitments and finding the inner strength to do what is right…no matter what the obstacles. You can’t help but cheer for these young characters as they discover that they can indeed make a difference. Carol Baker, Chair – Alliance for Water Efficiency


Book reviews: Journey to Gunk Junction

The engaging characters in Journey to Gunk Junction remind us that even serious environmental problems can be resolved through dedication and perseverance. When the youngsters of today are adults with families of their own, they will be called upon to make critical decisions that will impact the sustainability of our natural resources. Hopefully, since water is indeed LIFE, the lessons learned in this adventure story will provide an excellent foundation they’ll build upon in the future. Dan Salee, President, West Harris County Regional Water Authority


By following the adventures of our animal friends in Journey to Gunk Junction, children of all ages will be charmed and at the same time challenged by the everyday threats to our drinking water and the environment. This story reminds us that when we truly follow our conscience, a deep sense of responsibility emerges which gives us the courage to actively defend and protect the water and earth that are the foundations of our lives. Amy Vickers, Author – “Handbook of Water Use and Conservation”